Alorica at Home Review: Flexible Phone Job

Alorica at Home, formerly known as West at Home, is a virtual call center that hires agents to handle inbound calls from home. The company works with some of today's leading companies like HSN, H&R Block, Office Depot, Walgreens, and more.

What exactly does Alorica at Home agents do?

Alorica at Home employs agents to complete a variety different tasks from home. The work ranges from technical support, customer service, online chat, and some inbound sales. A typical day could consist of you providing customer assistance to several companies. You will get paid training with West at Home, and could actually start assisting your first customer within a few days.

What is the Pay?

As far as pay, I have been unable to find a set pay rate for this company. The pay can range anywhere from $7.20 to $18 per hour depending on the client you are dealing with. Some clients will pay you by the talk minute, which can range anywhere between $0.12 to $0.30 per minute. Again, these are not gauranteed numbers.

Do you need to work a set schedule?

Absolutely not. This company is very similar to Liveops and Alpine Access. Alorica at Home does their best to give agents the flexibility they need.

What is required to work for Alorica at Home?

You will need to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED. Must be very good at navigating through a computer.

What are the Technical requirements?

You must meed the following technical requirements which are specified from their official site:

  • Computer Type: PC compatible (no Macs)
  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 10.0 or Higher
  • Monitor Size: 17 inches or greater
  • Minimum OS Version: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1
  • Minimum RAM: 1 GB or higher
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 1 GHZ (1000 MHz) or better on multi-core processors.
  • 1.4 GHZ (1400 MHz) on single-core processors
  • Minimum Graphic Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Sound card with speakers or headset for training audio (During call processing a headset that is attached to your phone is required.)
  • Internet Connection: DSL, cable, or fiber optic (no dial-up, satellite, or 4G wireless connections)

Any Upfront Fees?

Alorica at Home does require their employees to submit a background check, which will be a fee of $29.95. Additional costs that may occur are the costs for equipment and needed services.

What are other agents saying about Alorica at Home? 

Before applying, I would recommend browsing through the feedback on this company for yourself. I've found reviews at….


How to Apply with West at Home?

If you are interested in applying for Alorica at Home, visit their official site here

Alorica at Home is another legitimate way to make money from home. Now for those that currently work  as an employee for this company, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.