Review of eDegree Advisor: Telemarketing Work from Home


Post Updated: June 23, 2016 – THIS COMPANY NO LONGER EXISTS

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One of my readers, Tanya McClurkin, passed along some new information about a company called eDegree Advisor. This company was formerly known as Helios Media and they are currently hiring for customer service reps to work from home. Because of the spike in interest, I figured now would be a great time to share more information about this company.

One of the first things you should know about eDegree Advisor, is that while it is a legit way to make money from your home, it is a phone job so if you don’t like dealing with people and trying to convince them to sign up for programs, this may not be a ideal opportunity for you.

Type of Work
The eDegree Advisor agents are sent outbound calls via their computers. Their phone system will dial the numbers for you, and you will speak with the person and make a sales transaction. You will try to get them interested enough in a college to transfer them to an admissions counselor to schedule an appointment. After getting accustomed to the whole process, you will then be put on inbound calls.

Training is paid. You will train in the beginning for one day, approximately 5-7 hours, before getting on the phones. After successful completion of both trainings, you will be given an assessment.

The Pay
The pay is between $9 to $13 per hour with commissions. Some people make up to $18 an hour after commissions. Payday is every two week by direct de/posit on the 5th and 20th of each month.

Independent Contractor or an Employee?
You are hired as an independent contractor and responsible for your own taxes as an home agent working for eDegree.

Hours and Schedule
The shifts are usually run in 4 hour increments and usually begin between the hours 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday with an occasional weekend day.

Equipment/Computer Requirements
You will need:

  • an updated laptop or hardwired computer with high-speed Internet.
  • anti-virus program and anti-malware software installed.
  • a USB headset with microphone and noise cancelling feature.
  • a quiet home office with minimal distractions.
  • a Skype account for training and management purposes.

Application Process

Edegree Advisor does a great job of keeping the starting process simple. They have a very informative video posted on their home page which explains exactly what the company is all about and why you’ll love working with them. After you've watched the video, the company has posted a several yes/no questions that is basically a job application.

After successfully completing training, you will need to pass an assessment test before working there. From my understanding, these requirements are mostly common sense, and anyone who has worked a customer service job should be able to pass this assessment. This particular assessment is given to test you on customer service skills and how you would handle certain situations.
Interested in Applying? Start here!

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      This Post Has 9 Comments

      1. Paris

        They didn’t pay me. When I contacted someone about it, they said my information was “gone” and there was nothing they could do. Worst experience ever

      2. Erica

        Can you have exede internet and still do this job

      3. Monnie

        I have worked for them for a couple of months. What I have learned is they talk a good game. The promises of raises etc, some tied to your calls. I have worked in call centers for several years and got hired with edegree.and was excited to work from home. I quickly learned there were ways to make more money but they never really happened. Let me start with QC:

        QC is hired to listen to calls. After the first two weeks it was apparent they listen to every single call and only score your worst calls. They do this because if you dont have an 80 or higher on those calls you wont get the raise tied to that. Let me say at every call center I ever worked at I always had high QC scores, so coming into edegree and having them tell me I had really bad calls made me feel horrible. Once you feel like you cant do the job you become self conscious. I reached out to my team lead who told me to ignore it and how QC has the hardest job out there. The thing is again it becomes apparent quickly what is really going on. They are looking for any reason to not give you that raise. Or to get you to quit. Your calls can also get docked $20 if you do not read the statement giving permission at the end of the call for the schools to contact them. This only happened to me one time. After that I was actually told I did not have to read the statement there. I knew this was BS and kept reading them and was not docked again.

        Days off: My first team lead was pretty awesome. If any of us needed a day off we could do it as long as we came in and made up those hours before the end of the work week. She told us that was all the company looked for, was a completion of the hours we said we would work. So if you said 20 hours, you better have those 20 hrs in. I always gave 20 hours and worked more as a way to CYA. Once moved to the team lead I have now he gave us strikes if we had to miss work, no matter the emergency. My daughter got sick at school and I had to get her and take her to the ER where I spent most of my day. I got a strike even though I told him I could make up those hours. So the team lead you get makes a HUGE difference in your experience with them. Also team leads are not that experienced themselves. These are former agents who may have been promoted in a very short time period.

        This job is not rocket science so I am not going to dog the one day training. You log in, and a script populates and you follow it. It honestly doesnt take a lot of training to do that. What does suck is that no matter if it is your 1st day or 100th day they rate you exactly the same. There is no understanding to new employees. Once you are there 3 weeks, they expect you to be an expert. And you wont be. Now I did get a tenure raise after less than a month so I am not going to say you cant get raises. You can. It is just near impossible if you have a not so great team lead and bad QC reps on your scoring you down if you say or instead of and. And yes they are that petty. If you get someone on the phone who wants to chat while you search out schools be prepared to have a QC review too.
        At the end of the day if you can be a robot and just follow the script you will do alright. But wait, you get dinged for that too. As you can see this job is just not a secure job. I have never felt so bad about my performance on calls until I worked here. I have a new lead for something much more stable and have friends who work there and can set their own hours with much less bs than edegree offers. It is sad because the job itself is easy, they just make it more complicated than it needs to be.

        1. Lashay H.

          Wow Monnie! I really appreciate you sharing your work experience with us.

      4. former contractor

        i recently worked with edegree. All for about 2 weeks. It is a phone job and you are a telemarketer. Some people aren’t bothered by this. The trainers were great and I felt like they were upfront about all the ins and outs of how business is ran. My first day on the dialer was a bit overwhelming. I’m sure I took about 70 calls and I only put in 2 hours my first day. Lots and lots of answering machines and most people are not interested but you do get those few who want to hear what you have to say and sell (education). I haven’t received payment yet- I missed the first pay cut on the 5th bc i didn’t have my contract and payroll docs in in time. However the contract that i needed signed had been updated 3 times since i was hired so within a few days there supposedly was 3 new contracts out. ??? that is why i quit. I was home working 4 hours a days for money , not because i wanted something to do. When i didn’t recieve that first paycheck i felt like the company was sketchy. I emailed my trainers and payroll only to get 2 different stories. SO we will see when the 20th comes if this company is legit. I quit the day i was being moved to inbound too. So, it is easy to move up if you put in the time and effort ,…. if they are legit.

      5. Loyalty

        Here is how it is going to with this company…. You go through only two days a training, dumped on the phones on day two with expections to get two school submissions a day, and then told you will be on inbound calls the next day. LIES!!!! the inbound never comes or any professional communication regarding it. They say you need to work at lease 4 hours a day, you would think will be paid for your time, LIES!!! nope only paid for the actual minutes your on the phone. So if the calls arent coming in gues WHAT?! neither is the money. You can saty at your computer working for these ppl for 4 hours and only make $13.00!! Dont waste your time, dont even know why their still in business.

        1. Lashay H.

          That’s very unfortunate. I have heard mixed reviews about his company and some have different experiences than others. How long ago did you work for them?

        2. gemma

          I have been there over a month. You can lose your pay if you do not follow everything, like the legal statements read to the potential student. It is lost because it is a fine the company gets if it is not said. You work as an independent contractor, so when you mess up that $20 is coming out of your check. Period. No different than my husband who works construction and gets fined by OSHA if he breaks a rule. And getting 2 submissions is easy. You are taking over 100 calls in 4 hrs and if you cant get 2 submission it may just be the field is not for you.

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