5 Companies that Offer Virtual Phone Jobs in California

Getting hired as a virtual center assistant is possible in the United States but some companies restrict their hiring to certain states. Most times, these companies have their reasons for such restrictions which they may or may not elaborate in their hiring policies.

Nevertheless, if you live in California, you are in luck because there are a number of companies that offer virtual phone jobs to those that reside in the state. For legitimate jobs in this area, check my list below.

Companies that offer Work at Home Jobs in California

If you're looking for a home-based job, check out this list of virtual call centers that do offer work at home to California residents.1. Apple

Become a home advisor at Apple in California and assist them in resolving technical issues as well as customer service. You need to have fast typing skills, as 35 wpm is the minimum requirement to work for the company from home. Apple will train you online for a period of four weeks but can extend to six weeks before you start off on the job. Since, the company hires online workers as employees, you will be entitled to receive their benefits package.
Search for new openings here – http://www.apple.com/jobs/us/advisor_pro_faq.html

2. Sutherland Global 

This site offers services in the technological space to companies all over the world. They also higher across the world including California which gives you a good chance to get hired as a home based virtual assistant by the company. The job position is flexible in terms of working hours which make it ideal for those looking for a job that allows them to effectively balance between work and their personal life. Payment is dependent on the job you are hired for, with more information on the same when you get the job.

To apply, start here http://www.sutherlandglobal.com/careers.aspx

3. NewCorp

When working for this company, you will be responsible for handling inbound calls either from home or at their office. Majority of the calls are clients seeking support in various areas while others need to someone to help them troubleshoot. The company also hires agents that speak more than one language, with their pay being much higher than for those that only speak English. As a home based customer care rep at NewCorp, you will be working with various companies both locally and internationally.

Get started here – http://www.newathomejobs.com/careers.html

4. ACD Direct

 This company offers support services to non-governmental organizations through their call center. They regularly hire independent contractors to take up phone jobs virtually and pay for their time. Payment is between 23 cents to 35 cents for every minute you are on the phone. Therefore, the more time you spend on the phone especially during peak hours, the higher the pay.
To begin the application process, start here – http://www.acddirect.com/becomeanagent.cfm

5. Working SolutionsRead more

This company is a good place to seek phone jobs in areas such as technical support, sales, customer service and freelancing among others. To get hired, you need to have a landline phone, fast internet and a working computer that will be verified by the company. The pay is good and is usually from $8 to $20 every hour you offer service.

Get started here – http://www.workingsolutions.com/work-at-home-agents/

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  1. Evelyn Dee Dee Gray

    Hi Lashay,

    Do you have any real work at home companies that hire California residents? I need something as soon as possible. I was good while I lived in Pennsylvania. However I now had to relocate to Cali due to aging parents, now I can find nothing… H-E-L-P!!! Email address: [email protected]

    1. DeeAnn Lee Gibson

      I’m having the same issue. I moved from PA last year and had no problem finding online jobs. Now that I’m in CA, it’s way harder to find something. I only need something part time in the evenings and I can do weekends, but I’m not having any luck.

  2. Kelly

    Live ops does not hire in California,Infact most work from home places do not because of labor laws 2 on this thread are incorrect, live ops and Uhaul.

    1. Lashay H.

      Hi Kelly! Thanks for writing in. This is an old post so I’m in the process of revising the information. I appreciate your day! 🙂

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