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Hello, everyone! I am Lashay Hudson and before I go any further, I would like to say thank you to those of you who have followed my blog from the very beginning. Your continued interaction and content sharing has contributed so much to the empowerment and improvement of the blog.

To the newcomers, welcome and feel at home to share your views. I am open to answering questions pertaining to how I can help you succeed at a work from home job.

Lashay Hudson - Publisher at Dream Home Based Work

Who is Lashay Hudson?

Some of you may be wondering, besides being a blogger, who is Lashay? First and foremost, I am caring wife to my loving husband with whom God has blessed us with two beautiful children. I am also the author of “The Work from Home Path: A Complete Guide to Finding and Landing A Real Money-Making Job,” a book dedicated to guide and help you achieve success in your work from home job.

My Work at Home Journey

Every story has a beginning and mine started in the year of 2008. This was after a thorough evaluation of our family’s situation when my husband and I saw it best I stay at home with the kids. Rather than sitting and staying idle when not looking after the kids, I decided to look for a work from home job. It was then that my home profession began.

It was never easy at first. Being new to the scene, I fell for many online scams that seemed promising at the time. The one that keeps coming back to me is the “Posting Ads for Cash” scam. I put all my energy and hard work to the job only to realize it was too good to be true. All I did was lose valuable countless hours and a lot of cash. In my search, I also found businesses without genuine names who asked for your personal information and others requested money to get a job.

It was not all scams though. I found some legitimate work from home companies that gave me hope. It was then that I was enlightened to help others avoid being scammed. I, therefore, began a blog which would direct people in the right direction in their search for work from home jobs and now I have a book on the same.

My sole purpose is to help others succeed and be an inspiration to the younger generation.

Purpose for Dream Home Based Work

My site was created as a resource guide for people who want to make an honest living from home-based professions.  From work-at-home moms, stay at home dads, teens to entrepreneurs, I have covered all that is needed to achieve success working from home. All the information like; where to search for jobs, what is needed for work from home jobs, how to avoid scams and others, can be found here at my site and in my book.

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Where To Find Me

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