List of 21+ Companies That Hire Frequently For Work At Home

List of 21+ Companies That Hire Frequently For Work At Home

Many people want to know which work at home companies are hiring presently. However, they should really look at what skills they have so they can be matched with the available positions. It is also important to know what each person would really like to do. If your skills do not match the job you are interested in, the chances of you not getting the position are high and this could easily lead to disappointment.

Need to know which work at home jobs are Hiring NOW! Here are 21+ Work at Home Companies that are always looking for new people to work from home.

Below is a list of the companies that hire all year round. Each one has had positive and negative reviews so it is best if you carry out your own research of each company and draw your own conclusion. If you would prefer a part-time job from home, this list will be better suited for you.

Please check back regularly as new opportunities are added to the bottom of the list.

So which work at home companies are almost always hiring…..

Alpine Access – These are call center positions and yes you get to work from home. You will be receiving calls on your home landline. This phone must be a corded one. They pay anywhere from $7.25 – $9.00 an hour. The higher pay is reserved for those who have undergone their training. If you are looking for work that you can start immediately you will need to consider the fact that this position usually has a waiting period.

Aspire Lifestyles– This Company hires Concierge Specialists and customer service representatives since they are a corporate concierge business. You earn between $8.50 and $11 an hour. In order to work here you will need to commit to working a minimum of 34 hours each week, which could include holidays and weekends.

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Arise – This is a company that looks to hire the best in customer support. In order to work here you will need to be an independent business owner so this is really considered a home business instead of a job. You will be paid depending on which client you serve and the amount you earn can range anywhere from $9 to $19 an hour. Depending on the needs of the clients your schedule can be flexible.

Asurion – Customer Service Representative positions are available here. They generally look for people to work from home helping their clients by answering their questions and addressing their concerns in regards to the wireless service or their other products. They start you off at $9 an hour. You are trained for 3 weeks, 5 days a week for 8 hours each day, but this time is paid for as well. You are then absorbed into the company as an employee and you get a benefits package too.

Brainfuse – This Company hires tutors to work with students online. The students are in the 3rd to 12th grade. The tutoring sessions are made available to the students every day of the week and the pay is about $10 for each tutoring session.

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Convergys – The positions offered by this company include sales, technical support and customer service. They are a big company and tend to employ people across the US and sometimes people in the UK and Canada as well. The pay is between $7 and $12 an hour. Payment is made every two weeks through a pay card option or by direct deposit.

Direct Interactions – This one hires people to receive calls from motorists who have unpaid parking tickets. They need you to help them with digital parking meters. Sometimes the callers are in a foul mood so you have to be patient, remain calm and not take it personally. The initial pay is $9.25 an hour but once you go through their training you will be able to earn $10. If you speak two languages such as English and Russian or Spanish you can earn as much as $12 or $13 every hour.


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Transcribe Me – This company is always looking for beginner Transcribers to join your team. I recommend checking out Janet’s FREE 4-day transcription course to help you turn your passion into a full-time career.

Cigna – This is an opportunity for those with a medical background. You can work from home with them if you are a registered nurse for the position of Case Manager, patient liaison, Coding Quality Specialist and Service Coordinator. Even though they do not give their pay, similar positions pay about $30,000 or more every year.

GoFluent– Teaching English to people from other nationalities is what this company does. You would need to be a certified Teacher in certain states but they prefer a degree. The classes are taught online and the students are corporate employees who are interested in learning Business English. This is because their job depends on their accurate communication skills. You will be required to be available for 4 hours a day for a minimum of 20 hours each week.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car – The positions open include claims processing, Customer Service Representatives, Sales Engineers, Field Marketing Managers, among others. Once on their careers page, just search using the terms ‘work from home’ and all the available opportunities will pop up.

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Lifebushido – This company has clientele looking for virtual assistants. They then hire you to work as an independent contractor in that capacity carrying out various tasks that include making and receiving calls, logo creation, appointment setting and web design. The pay is said to be about $10 an hour.

Leapforce – This company hires people from several different countries to be search engine evaluators. You work as an independent contractor. Your feedback will help them improve the performance and results of the search engine they represent. The pay begins at $13 an hour. You need to take an exam that comes in two parts before you can be considered.

Helios Media – This is a telemarketer’s heaven. They hire agents to work from home receiving calls. You need to be based in the USA and you get extra incentives in addition to your hourly pay. The pay per hour is about $10 for weekdays and if you work weekends you get $13. You are paid twice a month on the 5th and on the 20th by direct deposit.

Talk 2 Rep – You will be working for this company as a Chat Agent online. The job involves customer assistance where you will be required to answer questions regarding the wireless features.

Open English– You get to teach English online to people who need to polish their English or to learn it as a second language.

Liveops – This job involves receiving calls for infomercials on TV. The schedule is very flexible and you can work for as little as 30 minutes at a time. You are not expected to have previous customer service experience. You are paid for the amount of time you spend talking on the phone. As such, if the call volume is low, you may find that you are not earning enough. The position is open only to US residents and you would be an independent contractor.

Time Etc. – You would work from the comfort of your home as a Virtual Assistant. You need to have a minimum of 2 to 3 years business experience, excellent organizational skills and good grammar to apply. Pay ranges from $11 to $16 an hour depending on your work experience.

Sitel – Sitel is a call center that is always on the lookout for agents. They pay about $9 an hour and they have a paid training period. Once you are hired you are entitled to receive benefits.

Sedgwick – The position available in this company is insurance claims filing. You will need to work on your phone, as if you were working at a call center. Some of the positions include providing chat support online and helping customers via fax or email. The pay is about $10 an hour and since you are a company employee, you get to enjoy benefits too.

uHaul – One of the most well-known companies are always hiring for customer service, roadside assistance, reservations/sales, and more. These positions are open to residents in the US and Canada. You must have a dedicated phone line and USB headset ( I personally recommend this one here).

Working Solutions – The company hires independent contractors for positions such as online chat, customer support and data entry. The work though, is dependent on the project and the client. You will also be paid depending on who you are working for but the average rate is about $10 an hour. This company has received some very good ratings.

Worldwide 101– This company hires people to work from the USA, the UK as well as other countries. They pay between $15 and $20 an hour depending on how much work experience you have. You would have to be an independent contractor working for this company.

Ver-a-Fast – Phone Agent is the position offered by this company. You would be speaking to customers all day, assisting them with their newspaper subscriptions. You need to ensure customer satisfaction and if their subscription is expired, encourage renewal. They do not offer an hourly pay rate but you can make between $150 and $200 each week. Payment is made every week by check.

Gengo – This company hires freelance Translators who are able to speak multiple languages. Open to multiple countries.

Metaverse Mod Squad – This company frequently hires Online Moderators to work from home. If you are familiar with the social media world, this could be a great part time option. Open to multiple countries.

Great Virtual Works – GVW hires regularly for Customer Service Agents and Inbound Sales Agents. If you are looking for a flexible work at home opportunity, this could be an ideal position since you are your own boss. It is mandatory that you become an IBO which may require some fees. To learn more, visit their careers page.

Still Need More?

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  • Susan Ausby

    Lashley- I am a IBO and looking to expand my business. My background consist of military contracting, 14 years of HR, work from home roadside assistance, and work from home inbound cable billing and sales. What does Dream have to offer?

  • Phillip

    Hello Lashay, I’m a retiree who has worked as a Desk support for IT HARDWARE for many years. I’ve took incoming calls, talk to customers and answer their questions. I’ve worked as a field technician and contractor. I love to work with people to solve their computer problems. I would love to work at home as a Desk support/incoming call technician for any company who requires my skills and expertise.

    • Hi, Phillip! Thanks for reaching out. I think Apple and Sutherland Global would be a great fit for you. considering your work background. Best wishes!

  • Amanda Jones

    Hi I am a mom of 3 boya a 2 and 3 and 15 year old all boys. I am looking for a legit home Job I need to stay home now more than ever. I need something that pays decent and I have a computer
    and can start immediately. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Amanda! I would suggest a Virtual assistant position or chat agent job. A few companies you can check out are The Chat Shop, Worldwide 101, Fancy hands, and Vicky Virtuals.

  • LB Montgomery

    Lashay, I want to thank you for the excellent information you provide. Thank you!!!

  • Tina Smith

    Thank you Lashay!

  • Vivek Dey

    Thank You Lashay for the info. However I am from India so an you tell me any company who hire from india.

  • kimberly

    Hello I was wondering where can I look into to find in online job from home that does not require speaking on the phone 3-5 hours daily and that is flexible between myself and children.

  • Sharon

    Hi Lashay, I found you via a Google search and am intrigued. I currently work from home in outbound sales but am looking for change, customer service, data entry, research….I am highly organized with attention to detail, great interpersonal & communication skills, years of experience with computers and navigating through multiple screens simultaneously, and strong multi-tasking abilities. I’m looking for part to full time work. You’re guidance will be most appreciated.