Earning Extra Cash from Home

Wouldn’t it be lovely to earn some extra cash by completing simple tasks? What if I told you that you could earn extra cash by taking online surveys, writing short reviews, watching movies or simply by browsing the internet? Are you interested?
If your answer is “yes”, here are some legitimate ways to earn extra cash from home!

Paid Online SurveysHow To Earn Extra Cash from Home 

I realize that there are quite a few survey scams on the market; however, there are also a lot of legitimate survey sites that pay you for your opinion. Finding a site like this is a simple way to earn extra cash from home, quickly and effectively. From surveys about your shopping habits and dining preferences to your recent technology purchases or pets, it’s easy to find a survey to fit your interests to earn extra cash quick.


Micro Jobs  and Online TasksHow To Earn Extra Cash from Home 

Do you have extra time on your hands that you could use to earn extra income? Complete micro jobs, run errands or finish online tasks. What’s even better? Set your own schedule for how long and how often you work!



Jobs with Great PayOnline Moderator 

Have you ever visited an online chat room or forum? Most of these sites such as chat rooms, community forums and social media websites are monitored by online moderators who ensure quality and appropriate content based on age, topic and language. If you spend time online whether in chat rooms or social media, becoming an online moderator is a great way to earn extra cash by monitoring e-conversations.


How Photographers Make Money OnlinePhotography

Did you know you could make money for your creative photography skills? Learn how photographers can make extra money in their spare time!



woman-opening-mail-350x263Mail Decoy 

With an influx of mail to user inboxes, many companies will pay individuals to work from home to sort and process mail pieces.



woman-shopping-on-a-budgetMystery Shopping 

Mystery shopping has been around for many years and is a very legitimate way to earn extra cash on your own schedule. Mystery shoppers are typically allotted a certain amount to spend at a specific store and then provide valuable feedback and insight to the service, products offered, etc. This is another great way to set your own schedule.


free-birchbox-freebiesProduct Testing

Do you get excited when new products hit the market? Earn extra cash and see these products firsthand by getting paid to test the latest products from your home! An added bonus: you often get.




young woman looking at Facebook website on laptop computer. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.Website Testing  

Website Testing often does not generate enough income to replace full-time employment; however, individuals can earn a nice amount of extra cash simply by visiting and reviewing websites.



smartphonesSmartphone Apps 

Who doesn’t like a free app? If you own an iPhone or an Android, this is another way to earn extra cash from home as you get paid to test smartphone apps!



wooden gavel and books on wooden table,on brown backgroundCourt Researcher

Are you comfortable with pulling legal documents such as marriage licenses, tax foreclosure deeds, child support records, and more? If so, you can earn a part-time income as a court researcher.


Are you interested in earning extra cash from home? Here are 10 examples of how you can earn money from home starting today!

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  • Richard Standen

    Some great ideas cheers and I have been looking at ways to work for myself and I have tried quite a few options and there are a lot out their

    • Hi, Richard! Yes there are. Did you need help finding a specific type of job?

  • Shon

    Good Afternon Lashay, Could you tell me the name of the company where you listen to calls and grade them or catergorize them?

  • Henshaw Idah

    Good evening looking for work from home in the tech or customer support field thanks in advance

  • Anna

    What are some companies that hire chat moderators?

    • Hi, Anna! Metaverse Mod Squad has occasional openings for chat moderators.

  • Lizette Ramos

    Hello Lashay, I have worked from home before and o tried to do it again but company didn’t pay after a month working with them. I would still like to work from home again. How can I apply for Nexus Op.

    • Hi, Lizzette! For Nexus Op, you can apply here on their site http://nexrep.com/agent-opportunities

      • Lizette Ramos

        Would you know what sites I can work from home with that would pay me to sort mail or do assembly for them. Would like something to do from home without being on phone…. thankyou

        • Hi, Lizette! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to come across any legit assembly jobs. Would you mind data entry/typing work?

          • Lizette Ramos

            Yes, I would love data entry work or shipping and receiving from home, mailers, really any kind of home work that doesn’t involve being on the phone right now. Thankyou

          • Hi, Lizette! I would just checking out these non-phone work at home jobs https://www.dreamhomebasedwork.com/11-online-jobs-dont-require-phone/